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How Bada Business Broke Two Guinness World Records®

How Bada Business Broke Two Guinness World Records®


In Hindi, “bada” means big, and for Bada Business, that’s exactly their mission: to help people in India grow their small business into big business.

Founded by Dr. Vivek Bindra, Asia’s ace business coach and renowned motivational speaker, Bada Business offers accessible entrepreneurship training. “We’re trying to reach out to the millions of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) across the country, and provide them with tools and techniques which normally are not accessible to them,” says Dr. Vivek Bindra, Founder & CEO of

According to Bindra, of the 130 million MSMEs in India, only 3 million, or 5%, have access to the capital, tools and infrastructure they need to properly grow their business. Part of the organization’s strategy is to meet people where they are, offering different learning solutions based on the specific stage of their business. “We are helping the entire chain, from micro, small, to medium enterprises. [People] who are starting a business for the first time, like 'wantrepreneurs and 'solopreneurs, to people who just want to figure out 'how do I remove the barriers to growth for my business?”


Starting a brick and mortar business is challenging enough, nevermind during a global pandemic. As a result of COVID-19, many people also suddenly found themselves without a job and looking for their next move. Bada Business recognized the urgent need to help and launched a new program, Learn at Home. “Our objective was to help people learn, and we curated some courses for them,” says Bindra. “But we suddenly realized a lot of people did not have the means to buy our courses.”

Putting purpose over profits, Bada Business offered a free business course on an open platform via their mobile app. “I just said, people are struggling, they're finding it difficult, let's just try it. It's not about how we can make money,” says Bindra. To make things interesting, Bada Business also decided to attempt breaking a Guinness World Record® for the “Largest Online Business Lesson.” But like much of 2020, things didn’t go as planned. The moment the program went live, the app crashed from overwhelming demand.


Instead of giving up and disappointing people who were already in need of some inspiration, the Bada Business team went into action mode and reached out to Brightcove for help. “That's when we got our life support system from Brightcove. The Brightcove tech team and our Chief Technology Officer quickly coordinated, and figured out a way to go live,” says Bindra.

At 12:04 pm that same day, just over three hours from when the app crash, Learn at Home was back up and running on a newly built video platform, powered by Brightcove. Bada Business achieved their goal and set a new Guinness World Record® for the largest online business lesson involving 18,693 concurrent viewers. Bada Business also became the first Asian company to hold an online Guinness World Record®.

But Bada Business didn’t stop there. The new record ignited a deeper desire to attempt to break even more. The second world record was set when debuted its Largest Online Sales Lesson with 95,087 concurrent attendees for 30 minutes. According to live analytics data captured by Brightcove’s platform, achieved peak traffic of over 2.3 million total video views, over 1.3 million unique viewers, and 345,000 peak concurrent users.’s streaming events demonstrate how video can offer educational and informative content, while also being one of the best ways to bring people together virtually. Brightcove is proud to partner with Bada Business on their mission to deliver education to the resilient MSME community, and to ensure our technology never stands in the way of imagining what’s possible.


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