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Video is the Present and Future of Effective Marketing

Video is outpacing everything else when it comes to fostering engaging relationships between businesses and their customers, and leading marketers are taking note. They’re integrating video into every step of the customer journey and seeing an increase in lead generation, conversions, loyalty, and referrals.

More Companies are Making Video the Centerpiece of their Marketing Strategy

How are they doing it? The marketers really winning with video are those who are making it a holistic part of their strategy. Companies like SAS, Xero, HCSS, and ANA are using video across the entire spectrum of marketing activities and integrating it into their CRM platforms. This allows them to easily incorporate video into web pages, social channels, emails, and newsletters. Plus, they are able to track all of their results in one place.

Video Marketing by the Numbers

Marketers that use video and other rich media achieved the following year over year results compared to companies that did not.


50% increase in marketing’s contribution to revenue1


66% increase in MQLs delivered to Sales2


34% higher website conversion rates3

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Making Video Work

Avanade の動画パフォーマンス、Brightcove Audience の使用で急上昇

Where are you on the video scale?

Getting Started

  • Create YouTube and Facebook videos for awareness
  • Add social players to increase time on site
  • Experiment with hero videos on prominent site pages
  • Collect basic viewer activity data


  • Use video throughout the customer journey: landing pages, microsites, and video portals
  • Tap into the immediacy and connections of live event streaming
  • Add interactive links and cards to your videos
  • Integrate video with your CMS
  • Develop a social video strategy based on best practices
  • Analyze engagement scores to refine marketing strategies

Video Leaders

  • Add quizzes, branching and 360 to your videos
  • Increase reach through direct and third party distribution
  • Incorporate video into account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Integrate video with CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAP)
  • Leverage your analytics to enable personalization of content and post-conversion attribution

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