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Finastra TV: Building Your Own Company Channel

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In today's highly competitive environment, how do you stand out and build engaging relationships with your audiences? For many, it starts with embracing immersive video and streaming-first experiences or channels that attract, engage, and retain audiences.

In this episode, you will hear how Finastra, a leader in financial services software, delivered Finastra Universe TV, a dedicated streaming channel to provide its audiences with relevant content.

We will explore why Finastra made the strategic decision to deliver dedicated video and streaming channels, how they built support for the initiative with key internal stakeholders, the lessons they learned, and how they track and measure performance to inform future content strategy initiatives.


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Streaming is the best way to attract and retain talent, engage your workforce, and strengthen your culture.

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Creating compelling content takes time, money, and effort – so it has to drive revenue.

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