Brightcove Player HTML5 Video Player
Brightcove Player HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 ベースの高速動画プレーヤー

業界最速の動画プレーヤーと UI ベースの管理システムです。

高速の HTML5 動画プレーヤー

The Brightcove Player is up to 70% faster than any other video player. That’s fast. Each player is optimized by pre-compiling and compressing plugins, skin assets, and thumbnails to minimize download size. And, you’ll completely eliminate the need for Flash with the media source extensions (MSE) API.


Go big with a user experience that puts your content center stage. You’ll create deeper engagement with native and 3rd party interactive capabilities and 360 video support, while delighting your audiences with a sleek mouse-over seek bar that lets them find specific points in the video in seconds, a clear video description bar, and easy to use volume and mute controls.


Give your team the ultimate flexibility. The Brightcove Player’s rich APIs, easily customized UI/UX, expansive lineup of features and plugins, and complete documentation mean you can deliver the player you want the way you want it.
Speak to one of our experts to see if the Brightcove Player is a fit for you.