Partner Overview

Vewd is the global leader in enabling entertainment, connecting consumers everywhere to the content they love. By enabling OTT on nearly 50 million connected devices each year, Vewd leads the way in defining the future of entertainment. Our suite of products and services are crafted to simplify complexity and offer solutions that unite the entire value chain, from silicon vendors to end users. Vewd products are used by market leaders such as Samsung, Sony, Verizon, TiVo and many more. Follow us, as we make OTT extraordinary.

Some of the products that Vewd offers include:

VEWD CORE - The industry's most-chosen independent HTML5 SDK enables the highest-quality OTT streaming and UI experiences on connected TVs. 

VEWD APP STORE - A cloud-based portal featuring nearly 1500 TV apps with quality video content across all genres, from entertainment, news, music, sports and much more.

VEWD SNAP - The easiest way for content owners to create and distribute their TV apps. A few minutes is all it takes to publish your beautifully designed and customized TV app to millions of devices.

Integration Overview

Vewd Snap allows you to Create, Monetize and Distribute your Brightcove video catalog in the form of a Smart TV app.

Creation of TV apps is straightforward using the Snap app creation portal, which creates a ready-to-run Smart TV app from your Brightcove video catalog with no cumbersome, time-consuming development times or costs.

Key Features

  • Allows you to create a Smart TV app from your Brightcove video catalog fast and for free.
  • Seamless integration between your Brightcove video catalog and Vewd TV Snap.
  • Lean-back TV experience.
  • Supports Live streaming.
  • Monetize your video content using your existing or Vewd's advertising solution.
  • Statistics to help you measure and manage your TV app (available on request).