Company Overview:

Streamroot is a leading provider of innovative OTT video optimization technologies for content publishers, network service providers and enterprise customers. Its robust, reliable and lightweight distributed network architecture offers improved quality of service, global reach and unique fixed-fee economics. Streamroot technologies are based on open standards such as WebRTC, Media Source Extensions and HTML5, and are widely adopted by broadcasters around the world. Founded in 2013 in France, the company today benefits from VC funding and serves premier media groups from its Paris and New York offices.

Product/Service Overview:

Streamroot DNA™ (Distributed Network Architecture) is a distributed approach to large-scale OTT video delivery. By intelligently multi-sourcing content from both a traditional CDN and a mesh network of devices viewing the same content at the same time, Streamroot helps broadcasters drastically reduce their operating costs while improving quality of service for viewers.

Overview of How Integration Works:

Streamroot’s distributed delivery technology is integrated at the player level. Streamroot acts as a proxy, routing requests from the source that can provide video segments most quickly - either the broadcaster’s CDN or a user device. Streamroot has a plug-and-play integration with Brightcove Perform. More information, see our documentation: Streamroot can be used with the CDN of the broadcaster’s choice. There are several small CDN configurations that must be enabled for multi-sourced delivery:

Features & Benefits of Integration:

Plug-and-play integration with Brightcove Perform Up to 70% savings on CDN bandwidth bills Better quality of service for viewers through more intelligent routing of traffic at the segment level Increased reliability and capacity, especially during unpredictable traffic spikes Greater global reach through targeted in-region and in-country delivery A delivery infrastructure that naturally scales to audiences wherever they may be

Streamroot offers a flat rate model that helps broadcasters enjoy more predictable, stable delivery costs. Our platform fees are based only on the maximum number of concurrent users.

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