Peer5 solves the network congestion problem that occurs during large corporate streaming events. When all employees try to watch the same video at the same time, the office Internet connection becomes saturated and unusable. Peer5 solves this problem by creating an efficient P2P mesh network within the corporate LAN that reduces the load on the ISP link by 80% to 95%. Because we leverage WebRTC to make the P2P connections, no additional software or hardware is needed - just a modern web browser. Peer5 is trusted by companies such as SAP, Adobe, Ebay, PWC, Deutsche Telekom and DXC to deliver their most important video events.

Product Overview

The Peer5 eCDN allows companies to scale their video delivery capacity by using computing resources that are already available in their office network.

With a traditional unicast streaming deployment (the BEFORE picture on the left), each viewer must use the office ISP link to create and maintain their own connection to the video server. As the number of concurrent viewers grows, so does the load on the ISP link. Eventually, the link becomes saturated, resulting in poor video quality, loss of productivity and user frustration.

Peer5 solves this problem by creating an efficient peer-to-peer mesh network within the corporate LAN that reduces the load on the ISP link by 80% to 95%. We automatically detect which users are watching the same stream and connect them to each other so they can share the underlying video segments over the LAN. Segments that are shared via the LAN don’t need to be downloaded via the ISP link, thereby greatly reducing that load.

In short, Peer5 decentralizes the video traffic and distributes the load. Each viewer contributes to the overall health of the stream by helping nearby peers. This peer-assisted architecture is inherently more scalable and resilient during large events. By adding monitoring, analytics, security and management, Peer5 ensures the highest quality streaming within corporate networks.

Integration Overview

Peer5 is a Javascript-only solution that integrates seamlessly with the Brightcove video player.

Please see this document for a detailed description of how to enable Peer5 for your Brightcove player.

Key Benefits

  • Pure SaaS - no software or hardware changes: Unlike older P2P solutions, Peer5 does not require viewers to install any proprietary software or plug-ins. WebRTC is part of the HTML5 specification and is baked into every modern web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera. Unlike alternative local caching solutions, Peer5 does not require any hardware. The deployment is completely SaaS and provisioned from the cloud. Full integration can be completed in just a few hours.

  • Extremely secure & performant: WebRTC is a standard, open-source solution that is governed by the W3C and IETF. It is also one of the most frequently used and stable libraries, with the largest software development teams in the world devoting countless man-hours toward its improvement. The Peer5 eCDN automatically benefits from all of these security and performance enhancements.

  • Perfectly elastic, infinitely scalable: Peer5 scales automatically with streaming demand. As more viewers join a stream, the capacity to deliver the stream grows proportionally, to an infinite level. Once demand goes away, the delivery resources are released to perform other tasks. Our P2P solution makes very efficient use of computing and network resources.

  • Seamless integration: Peer5 works with your existing media servers, streaming protocols (HLS or DASH) and security infrastructure. Any origin server or CDN can be used with zero configuration changes. No special network or security settings are required. The system operates with standard HTTP/S and WebRTC.

  • Real-time analytics: Peer5 offers an advanced dashboard where IT teams can monitor usage and quality metrics in real-time. Administrators can measure QoE and control the system from a powerful web interface.

  • Silent testing: This feature allows IT teams to test their networks prior to any large events to ensure there is enough bandwidth to deliver a quality stream to the expected number of participants. This tool is unique because, again, it doesn’t require any client software to be installed - one only needs to run a batch script using standard IT tools.

  • Enables BYOD: Because only standard HTML5 APIs are used and no additional software is required, any employee, consultant or visitor with a modern browser can seamlessly participate in the video stream. With the increasing BYOD wave, it is critical to give viewers easy access to the content they need.

Per seat annual license fee for unlimited usage.

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