KnowledgeVision serves the world's growing need for live and on-demand knowledge by creating rich, engaging presentations that are viewable on the web at any time with any type of computer. KnowledgeVision's hosted authoring tool, KVStudio, enables clients to create presentations that tightly synchronize Brightcove video with PowerPoint slides, images, and dynamic footnotes.

KnowledgeVision is an intuitive, powerful multi-media framework for combining Brightcove-hosted videos with slides, images, and links for commercial or related content in a branded interactive viewer experience. KnowledgeVision integrates with the Brightcove Player API, the Brightcove Media API, Brightcove Playlists, and the Brightcove Live streaming module.

The KnowledgeVision Player uses the Brightcove Player API to:

  • Load a player from the customer's Brightcove account
  • Load a video or playlist into the player
  • Monitor playback of the video in the player for synchronization
  • Control playback of the video when the user navigates chapters
  • Replace the link and embed code within the Brightcove player with the KnowledgeVision Player link

The KnowledgeVision Studio uses the Brightcove Media API to:

  • Search through the videos and playlists in the customer's Brightcove account
  • Get metadata associated with those videos and playlists, such as title and description
  • Get the URL of a video file, when available, and load it into the preview player

KnowledgeVision Live works in conjunction with Brightcove’s Live capabilities to display slides and footnotes during webcasts. Once completed, a live presentation can be published as an on-demand presentation from within KnowledgeVision Studio.


  • Acquire more leads and move prospects through the pipeline by delivering advice, success stories and key selling points as told by the experts in your organization.
  • Reduce travel costs by providing on-demand access to experts and archived presentations.
  • Extend company and product brand experiences by delivering highly interactive, branded presentations.
  • Engage prospects by providing them with self-driven navigation, zoom controls to emphasize the video or slides, and interactive features that enable them to consume the message as they want while providing you the feedback you need.
  • Increase the ROI of your video investment by reusing and repurposing your videos by combining them with slides with an integrated call-to-action.
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