FreeWheel manages the economics of content for the enterprise-class world of entertainment, offering technical infrastructure for revenue rights management and business operations, wrapped in advisory services. Founded and led by a team of executives from the world’s leading technology companies, FreeWheel’s solutions have already armed companies like AOL, ESPN, FOX, Sky, Turner, and VEVO with the technology and services they need to profitably scale their professional content across devices and revenue models. 

Monetization Rights Management® (MRM) is FreeWheel’s flagship product. It empowers content owners and distributors to successfully manage ad sales rights, forecast inventory, deliver yield-optimized ads, and analyze business performance – across any device, anywhere the video appears.

In the interest of helping large media companies more effectively monetize videos that are managed and hosted via Brightcove, Brightcove and FreeWheel have created an integration between FreeWheel’s (MRM) ad management platform and the Brightcove Video Cloud Platform. This integration allows media companies who use MRM to combine their ad inventory on Brightcove with inventory on other platforms across a network of owned-and-operated and partner channels, creating a single pool that can be sold and managed centrally.

How it works

1. Videos intended for management via the MRM integration are uploaded with their metadata to Brightcove Video Cloud with two FreeWheel IDs, and designated for ad serving.

2. FreeWheel client traffics campaigns in MRM.

3. When a user then hits “play” on a video in the Brightcove player, the FreeWheel player component (“AdManager”) is invoked dynamically.

4. AdManager handles communication with MRM’s ad server, initially telling the Brightcove player (via API) where to fetch the selected ad(s) and then managing tracking callbacks.

What’s in it for me?

1. Combined audience: Brightcove-hosted inventory + inventory on other platforms = scale that attracts

2. Central management: MRM forecasting, trafficking, targeting, and advanced/IAB metrics

3. Full control over commercial break patterns: The FreeWheel-Brightcove integration is designed to fully support changing viewing windows, C3 ratings measurement, and TV Everywhere monetization models. In addition, the ability to expand/contract ad slots and enable multiple ads per slot gives you the greatest possible flexibility in monetizing your video content.

4. Vast Partner Network: FreeWheel has existing integrations with 70+ ad networks, rich media, and advertising technology companies. These companies can help you earn top dollar for your video inventory, and all are fully supported by the Brightcove-FreeWheel integration.

Supported Environments

• Flash
• Android applications*
• iOS applications*

* Since mobile applications are typically custom deployments, significant development work between FreeWheel and Brightcove is required for each implementation.

Supported ad packages

1. Pre-roll Video
2. Mid-roll Video
3. Post-roll Video
4. Overlay Ad
5. Companion Ad

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