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Empress Media Asset Management


Empress has been in the media business for 19 years, primarily focusing on providing recording media to broadcasters and production companies. Many Empress customers were requesting media backup and archival services. To address these needs, Empress Media Asset Management, LLC was founded in 2006 to provide management of digital asset for customers. The company developed its signature software product eMAM™, to provide a powerful and flexible web- based system for clients to manage their digital assets and tapeless workflows. The system has expanded the features of its core technology and has developed best-of- breed workflow, storage, archive, and other technology partnerships. Empress has expanded its offices across the US, development and support offices in India, and a network of system integrator partners worldwide.


eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform accessible from any web browser, Android tablet, or iPad that provides an online proxy library of digital content with rich collaboration tools while managing native resolution content in storage and archive systems. With a series of best-in- breed integrations, eMAM can provide complete integrated media workflows for production, collaboration, and distribution of content. eMAM systems range from small workgroups to large enterprise installations, in any number on premise or cloud systems.


eMAM organizes and manages the delivery process of media and metadata to the Brightcove Gallery video platform through an integrated connector. Users of eMAM ingest and organize the media, collaboratively edit and share, and then select items for delivery. eMAM Users either using a button or drag a set of media to a delivery widget. The delivery process sends media and metadata to one or more predefined Gallery sites.

Features & Benefits of Integration 

  • eMAM offers an easy way to manage media and upload assets to a Brightcove gallery in a fully automated process.
  • eMAM Web based UI offers full production, collaboration, delivery and archive of media on one or more locations.
  • eMAM tablet and web based interfaces offer full production, collaboration, delivery and archive of media from on one or more on premise or cloud locations.
  • eMAM allows users to organize and tag media, search and browse, and then select for Brightcove delivery.
  • Brightcove offers eMAM users a way to manage and display content to a wider audience.