CaptionHub is a collaborative captioning and subtitling tool for enterprise. It pairs AI and integrated technologies with an intuitive, powerful managed workflow for connecting people into the Captioning process. CaptionHub is defining the new standard in subtitling at scale and is used by the best known brands in almost every industry where communicating at scale is critical in both accessibility and localisation.

CaptionHub helps you communicate more quickly and with greater clarity, power and accuracy to all your audiences, even when they’re multitasking or on the move, watching without the benefit of sound or with a soundtrack that’s not in their native language.

Our motto is perfect subtitles, faster.

Perfect: CaptionHub lets you deliver higher quality subtitles. 
Our advanced feature set enables a professional level of polish, whilst our review & approve workflows eliminate errors.

Faster: CaptionHub just works faster. Through our AI powered engines, our workflow automation and our simple UI, you’ll be slashing turnaround times.

These factors all mean that CaptionHub adds huge value to the process. The immediate advantages are obvious, but we believe the long term benefits are even more important. CaptionHub allows you to communicate faster and more effectively with your customers.

The Brightcove Integration is the most powerful subtitling to video platform integration ever built. With the most features, languages, automation and configurability yet, it is an integration created to let a wide range of professionals push the limits of what is possible with video production and localisation.

Dynamic Ingest. CaptionHub’s latest Brightcove integration upgrade. Benefit from the power of CaptionHub without ever logging in. Auto-transcribe and auto-publish captions when a video is uploaded to Brightcove. Subtitles are generated in CaptionHub and returned back to the video in Brightcove Studio ready to be viewed by the audience.

Advanced API Support. Search Brightcove Studio assets from CaptionHub. Quickly select and deliver captions back to Brightcove. Full enterprise subtitling extensibility for any Brightcove client team. Publish and un-publish gives full control when user interaction in CaptionHub is required, instantly delivering unlimited translated subtitle tracks to Brightcove Studio.

Automated Transcription. Automatic caption generation supports 46 original languages. 3 automatic speech recognition engines harness the latest speech models available. Near perfect accuracy generates subtitles for a 60 minute video in under 4 minutes. Custom Dictionary lets you bias the speech engine to intelligently auto-transcribe alternative spellings for names and technical terms. Speaker Identification determines who is speaking and tags them in a transcript output. Pro subtitle editing features re-designed for any user, include ripple edit, waveform editor, segments, approvals and snapshots for fast and intuitive post-edits.

Natural Captions Technology©. CaptionHub’s approach to natural language subtitle generation is the most powerful subtitle generation tool available. New captions are created for new speakers. Captions never break after a conjunction. Captions are frame-accurate and snap to the precise edit-points if they fall within 7 frames of the edit. The result is a beautiful set of captions, perfectly timed to your video.

Advanced Translation. Machine translation uses 2 translation engines and an optional integration to Memsource and Gengo for advanced translation memory. 62 languages are supported. Pro translation tools support unlimited linguists. Powerful approval workflows for translations support unlimited linguists and complex workflow parameters. Multiple roles and fine-grained approval permissions for the most complex of post-production team structures. Segment and merge capabilities allow simultaneous translation. Termbases support company or product specific terms and names. Additional output formats including (XLIFF, MXLIFF).

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