Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick enable content owners to reach more customers in the living room.

Amazon's powerful and popular Fire TV set-top box and Fire TV Stick streaming media stick connect customers to great content, including over 200,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO GO, plus over 1,500 apps and games. Amazon Fire TV is available in the US, UK and Germany. Fire TV Stick is available to customers in the US, UK, Germany and Austria.

As a content owner, you can reach a new and active audience of Amazon customers by extending your content to Fire TV, which is being used by customers now more than ever:

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick is the fastest selling Amazon device ever
  • Amazon Fire TV was the most wished for set-top box on for holiday season ‘14/‘15

Integration Features & Benefits

The Brightcove-specific web app kit for Amazon Fire TV is a new HTML5 template available to Brightcove Video Cloud customers. The kit enables content owners to leverage their existing Brightcove-based workflows for Amazon Fire TV. For Brightcove publishers, the template provides a way to seamlessly pull in content that’s hosted and organized in Video Cloud and use the ultra-fast Brightcove Player. Because of the robust integration with the Brightcove Player, publishers can run ads against their content on Amazon Fire TV and also capture analytics about video consumption on Amazon Fire TV in Video Cloud. This solution optimizes the delivery of Brightcove Video Cloud customers' content directly to Amazon Fire TV!

Integration Overview

The Amazon Fire TV Web App Starter Kit currently supports creating a web app that pulls in content from Brightcove's Video Cloud and uses the Brightcove Player to play back the content. It supports advertising through the Google IMA3 plugin and also captures analytics in Brightcove Video Cloud Analytics. Documentation is available here:

It is free to submit and publish your app to the Amazon Appstore on Fire TV.

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