OTT Flow - OTT 動画サービス
OTT Flow - OTT 動画サービス

Launch Premium OTT Services with Ease

Rapidly deploy OTT services and reduce technical complexity with premium turnkey solutions that meet your needs, wherever you are on your OTT journey.

OTT 動画サービスの立ち上げをスピードアップ

Quickly build, test, and deploy premium user experiences across all mobile and tv platforms with an easy to use application management system that will enable you to get to market quickly, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize revenue.

最高の OTT 動画エクスペリエンスを実現

Give your viewers the premium OTT experience they expect with fast playback from the industry’s leading player and support for binge watching, watch history, favorites, and pause/resume across devices.


Why delay profits? Our out-of-the-box solution helps you monetize your offering in record time. You’ll deliver a TV-like experience no matter what your business model—advertising, subscription, transactional or TVE. And you’ll do it all with minimal up-front development costs and a flat, affordable monthly service fee.


Looking for more flexibility and to extend the reach of your content? Now with OTT Flow X, you can deliver your service to smart TVs and game consoles, customize the user experience, and reach new audiences with TVE and other authentication and monetization models.
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