OTTインテリジェンス - データを収益に変える

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バーチャルイベントを見逃しましたか? オンデマンドでウェビナー全編をご覧いただけます。




  • 最も効果的な視聴者獲得キャンペーン
  • トライアルコンバージョンを向上させるオンボーディングのベストプラクティス
  • エンゲージメントの状態から主要なオーディエンスを特定し、ニュアンスの異なるコミュニケーションプランを提供します。
  • 解約した加入者を取り戻すための戦術を検討する。


Marty Roberts

Vice President, Media Analytics

Marty Roberts is the Vice President of Media Analytics for Brightcove, the global leader of video for business. Prior to joining Brightcove, Marty was the CEO and Co-founder of Wicket Labs, a leading audience insights platform accelerating growth for over 2,000 media and entertainment companies. Being a technology entrepreneur and driven by success, Marty's focus is on advancing the media industry through data-driven, actionable insights.

Before Wicket Labs, he served as co-CEO of thePlatform, a subsidiary of Comcast, and a leading video management company for major media and entertainment companies. Marty spent nine years at thePlatform, in various roles of increasing responsibility, including Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He also previously held marketing and product leadership roles at and RealNetworks.