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Why YouTube is a Very Risky Choice for Brand Marketers

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Brands who advertise and house their video content on free video platforms are taking a risk—and that risk is even clearer in the wake of another controversy on YouTube. Major brands like AT&T, Nestlé, Hasbro, and McDonald’s have pulled their ads from the platform after appearing next to offensive, and in some cases illegal, content. This controversy follows a similar issue that cropped up in 2017 over violent content.

The latest uproar proves once again that brand safety should be non-negotiable. The very least an advertiser or content creator can ask from their platform is control over where their ads and content appear. Unfortunately, YouTube has proven again that they can’t meet that request.

Now, more brands are turning to secure streaming platforms where they have ultimate control over the end user experience. By hosting video content on a secure platform like Brightcove, marketers and stakeholders can be confident that their brand avoids association with unsavory content. That's not to say that brands should abandon free platforms altogether. YouTube still has a place in a holistic marketing strategy; for example, it provides the opportunity for viewers to organically find your content during a Google search for related topics. But ideally, clips on YouTube eventually lead viewers to premium video content within a branded portal on the brand's website.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the high cost of using free platforms like YouTube. Your brand will thank you.

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