Video Marketing Mentors: What Not To Do

Marketing numérique

Today’s blog post is the 4th installment of our six-part Video Marketing Mentor series. These posts are filled with choice nuggets of marketing wisdom from Uberflip, MarketingProfs, Oracle, LinkedIn, eMarketing, and more, to provide guidance and tactical direction for your video marketing programs in 2016 - and beyond.

In this series, we’ve reviewed why marketers should use video, what to consider  when starting video marketing, and how video analytics  tie your marketing strategy to your business bottom line. With those starting points covered, we’ll begin to explore the day-to-day application of video marketing in practice. And here, for example, it’s worth taking a few minutes to identify potential video marketing missteps to avoid as you race towards impressive video marketing results. Thus we asked our marketing mavens to give insight on what NOT to do, and how to sidestep common video marketing pitfalls.

In the above video, our Video Marketing Mentors dish out general marketing advice (“prospects absolutely do NOT care about your products - they care about solutions to their own problems”), as well as video marketing specific words of wisdom (“please stop turning infographics into videos”). Take notes, integrate this advice into your marketing strategies, and see what results these new insights inspire on your road to video marketing success.