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By Dana Fugate

Director of Content, Digital Marketing at Brightcove

Video Marketing Mentors: Trends


Today’s blog post on marketing trends for 2016 is the final installment of our six-part Video Marketing Mentor series. These posts are filled with choice nuggets of marketing wisdom from Uberflip, MarketingProfs, Oracle, LinkedIn, eMarketing, and more, to provide guidance and tactical direction for your video marketing programs in 2016 — and beyond.

The digital marketing arena is witnessing phenomenal growth and change as technologies mature and align to create more video marketing opportunities. Many touted 2015 as The Year of Video. At Brightcove, since we have been powering online video for more than a decade, our perspective is that 2015 was the year video arrived as a Must Have. So where does that leave video marketing in 2016? To answer that question, we asked our marketing mentors for their outlook on what’s coming down the pike.

Check out our video marketing mavens as they talk marketing today and down the road, using interactivity, personalization, marketing automation, account based marketing, and compelling customer experiences. As 2016 evolves, we’ll be blogging with tips and tricks in all these areas, as well as demonstrating how our customers have been able to implement these trends in all aspects of video marketing across the customer journey.

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