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By Chris Nicholson

Public Relations & Marketing Manager at Brightcove


Video Cloud Shaping Up for Online Fitness Videos

Brightcove News

The ringing in of every new year brings with it emphatic resolutions from across the globe to exercise more, get in shape, eat better, lose weight, etc. It also ushers in a host of articles, newscasts and blog posts - like this one - addressing those often hollow proclamations. Interestingly, online video is quickly becoming a tool that can help people keep those resolutions.

CNN’s Jacque Wilson recently posted an interesting story on discussing the nascent trend of online video streaming in the fitness industry. According to the story, fitness studios are increasingly making classes available via on demand or live streaming through their websites.

It’s a phenomenon that’s “just starting to blossom in the fitness industry,” IDEA Health and Fitness Association editor Sandy Todd Webster told CNN. “It seems like the next natural progression to home fitness DVDs. It's another way of making fitness more convenient for yourself.”

The story cites a range of factors that appear to be driving the rise in online video streaming of fitness videos, covering everything from laziness and not wanting to leave the house in inclement weather to lack of time and people who aren’t necessarily comfortable in or have access to gyms.

We’re pleased to report that numerous Brightcove customers are using the Video Cloud online video platform as part of the Internet fitness video streaming trend, from trainers to suppliers. Isolator Fitness, for example, providers of a range of training equipment, makes a wealth of informative videos available on their website documenting everything from product details to workouts.

Beachbody, the company that brought us P90X, INSANITY and a host of other popular in-home fitness and weight loss solutions, has created an extensive library of videos on its website. The content covers product information and demonstrations, training, health, and nutrition to actual customer success stories.

And YogaToday includes a series of instructional videos from different yoga instructors. Viewers can choose a free weekly video, download videos a la carte, or subscribe for access to unlimited streaming of all videos on the site.

While Brightcove customers are making it easier than ever for their audiences to take advantage of a wealth of fitness video training, products and information, it’s still up to the viewer to do the exercise. But it’s a new year and maybe, just maybe this will be the year. Right?

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