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Tique Solves the Online Shopping Struggle with Entertaining, Engaging Video


Finding jeans that fit is hard enough. Now try doing that online. With little to go on, e-shoppers know there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll land the perfect pair. Luckily with Tique, there’s now a solution.

The e-commerce network site uses engaging, story-driven videos to showcase the latest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, and fitness. No more wondering whether something will fit, flex, or flow the way you want. Through video, Tique’s online shoppers can see exactly how a product will work, first-hand. More importantly, the platform fosters a friendly ecosystem, providing viewers a fun, innovative way to discover unique brands. Tique’s shoppable videos guide customers through an entertaining product discovery experience, building trust and authenticity between shopper and seller.

Operating under the mantra, “Entertain first, shop second,” Tique’s videos are the main drivers of customer conversion. About 35% of Tique shoppers watch a video from start to finish. Better yet, their analytics prove the more content is viewed, the higher the odds are that people will purchase a Tique-featured product. Data shows there’s an 18% likelihood that an individual who watches five or more Tique videos within a 30-day period will eventually make a purchase.

Tique’s library of 3,000+ videos are all powered by Brightcove Video Cloud and available on its owned and operated sites, like Joyus, and partner websites including AOL and The Huffington Post. However, no matter where shoppers find Tique video content, they’ll always get a clean, self-contained viewing experience—a win-win for both buyers and sellers. How does this happen? Tique’s videos play through the Brightcove player as a distributed unit, making the need for a third-party player null and void. As a result, people don’t have to exit a video to purchase an item from a third-party network. Instead, every part of the shopping experience is right there: browsing, discovering, buying, and sharing.

Today, Tique logs over a million views per month, making them one of the most innovative e-commerce sites on the web. Nick Ionita, CEO of Tique, explains the company’s formula for success: “Content is expensive for publishers to create; we design our content to keep users on the publishers’ sites. Plus, we enable publishers to add a commerce experience that complements their brands.”

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