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How Shoppable Video Drives Holiday Sales for Endeavour Drinks

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With 80 percent of Australia’s drink-consuming public sipping on one of its brand-stamped libations, Endeavour Drinks Group (EDG) is by far the most visible beverage retailer in the country. And that doesn’t mean the company favors quantity over quality. In fact, the amount of care EDG puts into developing each one of its brands is the exact reason for the company’s popularity.

For Johan Palsson, head of digital marketing and creative services for EDG, it’s all about entertainment, education, and bringing to life the stories behind the labels. This way, customers can get a sense of EDG’s passion for the rich history and nostalgia surrounding Australia’s best beers, wines, and liquors. One of the ways the company does this is through immersive and engaging video storytelling.

Palsson first approached the idea of video marketing with one goal in mind: to distinguish EDG’s brands as trustworthy authorities within the beverage industry.  By concentrating on the company’s three individual brands—Dan Murphy’s, Cellarmasters, and Langton’s—Palsson identified each property’s distinct consumer audience and respective customer needs. The digital marketing team  then crafted customized messaging per EDG brand, creating a more personalized approach to each marketing communication. With Brightcove’s Video Marketing Suite handling distribution for the company’s strategically-designed video messaging, EDG  was able to increase brand awareness, connect with new customers, and retain more brand-loyal fans.

Palsson used data from Brightcove’s Audience module  to identify which videos worked best among specific viewers.  Audience’s marketing automation technology provides users with individual viewing behavior and engagement data across various video distribution points. The information then allows users to score leads and help facilitate conversion.

“Using Audience and Brightcove’s analytics, we saw in our recent interactive campaign we can really optimize the in-video product experience,” he says. “Videos shorter than 45 seconds engage better on certain channels, while those 60 seconds or longer work better for influencers, blogs, and magazines. That drives higher performance, product awareness, and sales in a more consistent manner.”

EDG’s biggest success thus far has been its interactive, shoppable video campaign.The company  launched the holiday-specific Dan Murphy’s Global Christmas Menu, a 140-second video featuring Christmas-inspired fare from around the world, each paired with a complementary Dan Murphy’s beverage suggestion. The video then directed viewers via shoppable links to the featured items. For five weeks, Dan Murphy’s ran the Global Christmas Menu video on its site, recording an average view time of 83 seconds, smashing the industry-standard average by more than 50 seconds. Twenty-six percent of unique viewers clicked on shoppable in-video products, which helped account for the 41 percent of shoppers who clicked “add to cart” and add 56 percent more selections to their cart than normal. On average, people stayed for an additional seven seconds, increasing brand and product awareness for EDG.

“That was probably our most successful campaign so far,” says Palsson. “It had massive impact on bottom line conversion. It had great share, reach, and really good engagement.”

In fact, a whopping 75 percent of viewers watched the entire length of the Global Christmas Menu video.

Looking ahead, Palsson hopes to include more native product tagging within Brightcove’s Video Gallery page customizations, since it stands to add such a huge impact on EDG’s bottom line.

“The tagging you can do natively now within Brightcove is quite powerful,” he says. “If we combine that with the integrated galleries within any page, I think we can make shoppable and interactive video a really nice user experience.”

To learn more about Endeavour Drinks Group and its use of immersive video marketing, read the case study here.

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