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By Maddy Drachler

Channel Manager at Brightcove

Fact or Fiction: ‘Short and Sweet’ is the Best Video Strategy


Thanks to a famous report from Microsoft we’re all aware that the human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish. While that may not be a scientific fact, we do know that the average attention span is decreasing, leading to the common belief among digital marketers that video content has to be short in order to be engaging.

To put this myth to the test, we invited Shootsta’s Melissa De Coster, an experienced creative strategist who has produced content for brands such as MTV, Dove, Colgate, and KPMG, to join us for the very first episode of our new video series, Video Marketing Mythbusters.

Check out the video to hear Melissa’s take on the perfect length, as well as best practices on how to use the first 30 seconds to capture your audience and keep them around.

If you have a myth that you’d like to explore, tweet us @Brightcove and we’ll cover it in an upcoming episode.

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