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By Nathan Veer

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove


Dive Deeper With Video Analytics: Introducing Audience Profiles


Have you ever wanted to know the names of the individuals watching your videos? Then be able to follow up with them knowing what and how much they watched so you can send them additional info they actually want? How about knowing which employees watched 50% vs 95% of your internal “town hall” or training videos? Now you can!

Brightcove Audience allows everyone to track unique video viewing behavior with the release of “Audience Tracking.” In the past you needed a marketing automation platform (MAP) to know if Sally watched 82% compared to Frank who watched only 22% of that same video. Starting immediately this information is available in your account for every Brightcove customer.

You can also place a form directly in a video to identify an unknown user. With our additional SSO integration you can also automatically know who they are when they login. It’s perfect for your internal communications and training videos. This data can then be downloaded as a CSV or XLS file to generate your own custom reports.

Want to try this out today? Audience Profiles is now available for you in your account.  Simply navigate to the Audience module and turn it on!  Follow this Step-by-step walk through and start seeing “who is watching how much of what video.”

Join us October 11 for a live webinar to learn more about what is possible with Audience Profiles - register here.

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