Partner Overview

WIREWAX is an interactive video technology enabling users to engage directly with the people and objects in any video. It provides interactive video to 30,000 users across the planet, including more than 750 brands, broadcasters and agencies. 
The technology is industry proven to drive 9x higher interaction than Google Rich Media benchmarks. Interactive video drives on average 3.5x more engagement than traditional video.

Product Overview

WIREWAX is a self-serve interactive video platform that utilizes computer vision to enable you to convert any moving person or objects in-video into actionable tags with further content. 
You can create rich experiences with video-in-video, image carousels, live social feeds, product information and more, all while making it look and feel like your brand with stunning design and animation production.

How Integration Works

WIREWAX Sync™ is a two-way sharing integration. Your existing WIREWAX videos can be pushed to your Brightcove VideoCloud and your VideoCloud videos can be pulled into the WIREWAX Studio. Set up takes approximately 3 minutes and only needs to be done once. 
Email to receive full instructions and get in touch with a WIREWAX representative.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast, lightweight plugin to Brightcove 
  • Mobile and tablet compatible, offering touchable video to the masses 
  • Embed across blogs, websites, ad units, social media and more 
  • Deep video analytics with everything down to mouse cursor movement recorded to understand your viewers' behavior 
  • Ability to drive ROI and deepen engagement within video 
  • Brightcove Sync allows you to easily synchronize your WIREWAX and Brightcove accounts

Please get in touch with to receive License options.

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