StickyADStv, recently acquired by FreeWheel, has been France's largest video advertising network and rapidly expanding throughout Europe. StickyADStv's proprietary technology helps publishers monetize their video assets on any device/screen (PC, smartphones, tablets, connected TV). SFP (StickyADStv For Publishers) is fully compatible with Brightcove's players on any device, and it's simple and ready to use.

Features & Benefits

  • Brightcove publishers can leverage stickyADStv's proprietary technology, SFP (StickyAdstv For Publishers), to easily monetize their video content.
  • SFP allows publishers to monetise their video content on any device (web, smartphones, tablets, connected TV).
  • SFP is easy to use and intuitive, and it guarantees high CPMs thanks to its built-in yield optimization engine.
  • SFP allows publishers to manage their advertisers blacklists and pricing strategies thanks to its Real-Time-Bidding engine.