SnapApp Interactive Video

SnapApp software transforms the traditional online video into an interactive experience that results in deeper audience engagement.

By adding interactive elements such as hot spots and questions directly into the video, marketers can create a more engaging video experience and capture new customer data to enhance audience profiles, develop nurture campaigns, and score leads.

With Brightcove and SnapApp, marketers can create a rich, interactive experience for their audiences to drive deeper engagement with their video content.

How does interactive video work?

SnapApp allows marketers to add interactive elements (additional content, questions, or other graphics) that asks the viewer to participate overlaid or alongside an existing video. Click here to see an example. All of these elements and their actions are completely customizable by the marketer, so it's easy to add an assessment, survey, calculator, quiz or even a simple lead form right to the video. Creating interactive videos through SnapApp simplifies video production workflow as all interactivity is layered in after the video is complete.

Best of all, data that is collected — from lead form information to individual question-and-answer responses — can flow automatically into marketing automation platforms for lead scoring, nurturing, and segmentation with analytics about performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Direct integration with marketing automation systems (Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Act-On)
  • Interactive elements to enhance the video experience, including:
  • Assessments & Personality Tests
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Calculators
  • Knowledge Tests & Quizzes
  • Drag-and-drop creation tools to layer additional design elements and hot spots into your existing video content
  • Search capability for your videos
  • Publishing of interactive video to any distribution channel, including social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Easily configure and design a fully customizable lead form
  • Enterprise-level workflow and permissions
  • In-depth analytics on over 30 data points
  • Templates, asset libraries, formatting palettes, and global account settings to speed content creation
  • All interactive and additional elements can be fully configured and customized to fit your brand guidelines, fonts, colors, etc.
  • Dedicated customer success manager

How Integration Works

  • Select any of your Brightcove videos to use as a canvas for your SnapApp interactive experience
  • Contact us to set up a SnapApp interactive video account:
  • Select the SnapApp interactive content type for your interactive video
  • Drag-and-drop your interactive elements and publish anywhere you use video today
  • Review lead and interaction data in SnapApp and your marketing automation system as well as the viewing data available in the Brightcove platform