Partner Overview

MBM Productions International provides SimuLyve® Virtual Meetings, Face-to-Face Meeting Management, Video & Film Production and AV Production to global corporations. MBM leads a nine company consortium, The MBM Consortium provides a wide range of communication products and services to pharmaceutical companies, financial firms, the insurance industry and other verticals looking for innovative ways to communicate their message to clients and internal customers.

Product Overview

SimuLyve® has changed the way corporations meet. Instead of a slide phone call meeting, which is typical of most all webcasts, SimuLyve is a worldwide network that produces videos that look and feel like in-person meetings. These videos are then broadcast live to a virtual audience or placed On Demand in the SimuLyve cloud powered by Brightcove’s streaming technology.

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SimuLyve® is a product of global meeting communication company MBM Productions International.

It’s Not Webcasting, It’s SimuLyve®

Integration Overview

SimuLyve® streams video that is stored on Brightcove in two ways, one through the SimuLyve On Demand Video Cloud and secondly live through SimuLyve’s proprietary instance of Adobe Connect® utilizing specialty SimuLyve “pods” that pull video stored on Brightcove.

Features & Benefits

All users of SimuLyve® benefit from Brightcove’s streaming video service by utilizing the products of SimuLyve® as SimuLyve is powered, “under the hood” by Brightcove.

We are project based and we cost out each project individually.

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