NPAW (Nice People At Work)

Partner Overview

NPAW is a Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) company helping online media services around the world in making data-driven decisions. NPAW has been in the online video business since 2008, and today we are one of the foremost players on the world stage in this domain.

The company’s award-winning solution, YOUBORA, is the most advanced and holistic video analytics BI platform helping top-tier broadcasters, OTTs, telcos, and media companies gain a better understanding of how their audience behaves and how their platform performs across their entire video service (before, during and after the video playback, from the moment users login until they consume content) in real time. 

YOUBORA provides descriptive and predictive insights to help customers reduce churn and proactively manage users, increase ad and content efficiency, and overcome operational and technical challenges.

Product Overview

YOUBORA is the leading big data, business intelligence solution for broadcasters, telcos, OTTs and media companies, which provides an end-to-end view of their online video delivery ecosystem. It facilitates effective business decision making based on real-time data to ensure a superior quality of experience (QoE) for end users. YOUBORA Analytics provides a holistic and complete package of data collection, metric formation, insight generation and reporting. Built on open APIs, customers may choose how data is sent to, or extracted from, our platform. These capabilities empower our customers in making informed, strategic, business decisions, among other innovative uses.

Together with a line of SmartModules, YOUBORA offers the most advanced, holistic, and informative platform to assist video distributors in accomplishing their business, operational, and technical goals. Raw metrics provided by YOUBORA turn into insights via the SmartModules, and then into action items, which assist management in expediting problem resolution with actionable data.

Integration Overview

YOUBORA integration is essentially accomplished via a plugin which is compiled with the player. We have plugins for the Brightcove Player based on Video.js (versions 4 & 5), Brightcove's native player SDKs for iOS and Android, as well as the legacy Smart Player (Flash and HTML5).

Plugin integration is a simple, two-step process: First, a reference to the player is acquired and passed to the plugin. Second, the plugin’s service configuration and content asset’s metadata is incorporated into the player, but this must be done before the player starts playing the content, so the plugin can automatically detect and send the data automatically, without programmatic intervention. It is worth noting that the integration configuration will change depending on the programming language required.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Implementation: YOUBORA integrates seamlessly.
  • Flexibility: YOUBORA services can be enabled or disabled within the plugin configuration parameters.
  • Unobtrusive plugin integration: The plugins do not affect video playback. Their purpose is to monitor player events, collect data, and output it in the most efficient way.
  • Three different integration methods:
    1. Via pre-existing plugins
    2. Via our libraries tour, customers can build their own plugins.
    3. Via our REST API, customers can develop their own plugin code or have a server-side integration
  • QA certifications are included in the onboarding plans

We offer a volume based pricing structure, which allows customers of all sizes to take advantage of our solution to improve and grow their business.

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