New Spark Media Inc.

SaaS solution for scaling up content contributors with moderation workflows, video trimming, captioning,  scene/object recognition for AI tagging, email notifications and automating publishing to DAMS, Brightcove, YouTube and any FTP/SFTP supported systems while enforcing company policies and security requirements.

Partner Overview

New Spark is an all-in-one solution for brands and media companies to build connections and community by gathering, managing and publishing user-generated content. New Spark’s Platform enables businesses to gather, curate, publish and amplify user-generated content at scale, securely across video platforms, digital asset management systems and any FTP/SFTP-capable applications.

Integration Overview

Enter the PUBLISHER ID, API KEY and API SECRET in the MEDIA TRANSFER setting and click SAVE.

Key Features

  • Self-service, one-step process for integrating with Brightcove
  • Customizable upload widget that enforces company policies and tagging taxonomy
  • Moderation workflows
  • Downloadable source files
  • Scene/object recognition via AI tagging
  • Video trimming
  • Customizable and responsive email notifications
  • Photo/Video contest experiences with voting, commenting and gamification

Free 14-day trial.

New Spark Media charges an annual subscription fee based on (1) the amount of content hosted and managed in the platform and (2) the number of upload/community applications being deployed.

For more information or a demo, please contact New Spark Media directly at [](mailto:

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