Forbidden Technologies

FORscene, the web's video toolkit, is a video platform which enables content creators to originate and collaborate on material from anywhere. As one of the most advanced cloud computing applications, FORscene reduces the need for specific hardware and software set-up. Easy to learn tools mean that simple editing tasks can be done in moments, while FORscene's underlying power and complexity is quick for users to pick up when required.

FORscene enables companies to move their video post-production workflow entirely to the web. By providing the tools to create and edit content, FORscene saves infrastructure costs, staff training time and travel budgets.

As a content producer you can now create and distribute media through the web. Publishing content from FORscene links directly to your Brightcove account, seamlessly merging the creation and distribution of material in the cloud.

Single sign-on ensures that your Brightcove login also gives you access to your FORscene account.

FORscene's frame-accurate metadata tools enable you to add searchable text to your material for archiving and re-purposing. Metadata added in FORscene is published with your video to Brightcove. Adding metadata enables advertising to be linked to specific video content, improving monetization.

Users can edit video, audio and still images. Tools include effects, titles, audio levels, colour correction, pan & zoom and overlay graphics.

Software as a Service, priced by seat licence on annual contract. Each seat allows a simultaneous user to access the account and includes a set amount of video storage.

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