The traditional television industry advertising model has been facing significant challenges due to distribution fragmentation created by the advent of alternative mediums (cable, satellite, online video, IPTV, etc.) and the introduction of digital video recorders (DVR), which enable the viewer to fast forward through commercials. As such, major advertisers are questioning the effectiveness of current advertising leading networks and production companies to look for supplemental revenue sources.

Evenhere has developed a revolutionary platform which introduces a significant untapped revenue source through interactive product placement. Using evenhere’s technology, a television or online video viewer is now able to interact with items as seen in any given time segment of the video. Ever watch your favorite TV sitcom and wish you could instantaneously purchase any of the products appearing in it, such as a great pair of shoes or an interesting piece of furniture?

Evenhere has also developed useful web enabled administration tools for the retailer/manufacturer and the television production houses. Other similar types of platforms to evenhere haven’t recognized that to have a successful interactive product placement platform, you also need to have an easy and well organized way to manage the vast number of products that are uniquely associated with individual episodes down to specific time segments.


  • Provides a way to expose specific brands and products in video
  • Provides the viewer the ability to interact with products as seen in a given video down to a specific moment in the video
  • New way to monetize video content without using banner ads that don't relate to your video content
  • A way to easily administrate the association of products between the video publisher and brand
  • The user interface can be used both online and on a television from a viewer's living room (through applications like Boxee)

Evenhere’s pricing model is based on the impressions (CPM) or click-through rates (CPC) of the products that appear in the video (activated by the viewer). This pricing model and methodology is used in current affiliate marketing models for any web site with banners. The products dynamically appearing in the footer of the video can be thought of as banners in a traditional affiliate marketing program.

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