Enveu provides end-to-end OTT technology solutions to build, launch, manage and grow a video streaming business across 12+ platforms. Their premier platform - the Experience Cloud helps Media Publishers & Content Creators globally to manage their content in one central location, create intuitive apps across multiple devices, engage with users on a personal level and monetise content in various models. Enveu offers a unique less code environment with minimal CAPEX and helps Brands go LIVE within weeks!

Enveu’s Experience Cloud offers features and functionalities like Experience Manager, Content Manager, Campaign Manager, Subscription Manager, Analytics and has a growing list of over 50+ partner integrations.

With their expertise in Digital Product Engineering, OTT Solutions & Services, System Integration and Cloud & DevOps etc., Enveu caters to brands across multiple industries, such as Broadcasters & Publishers, Sports & E-Sports, Gaming, Digital Influencers & Content Creators, Kids etc. that are looking to launch their own streaming services to increase engagement and grow their subscriber base.

Brightcove takes care of video streaming, Enveu fulfils the other aspects, like Subscription Management, Apps, Payments.

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