Dotsub is a browser based tool that enables subtitling of videos on the web into and from any language. The mission is “to eliminate language as a barrier to cross-cultural communication using web video”.

The Dotsub tool can be used by professional translators, or it can be offered in an open, “wiki” type environment. Dotsub gives anyone the ability to translate video content from one language into multiple languages, producing subtitles rendered over the bottom of the video. The resulting repurposed video files can then be shared or downloaded and distributed across multiple devices.

Partnership Summary

This partnership brings together Brightcove, the leading online video platform, with Dotsub, the only “one-stop” subtitling solution offering the ability to repurpose web based video content into captions, suitable for the hearing impaired, as well as multiple language subtitles, both created quickly and inexpensively from a browser.

This work can be done by either professionals, provided by Dotsub, working in a closed environment, or by volunteers working in an open, collaborative wiki environment. All Brightcove users will now have the ability to have their video content captioned and subtitled from and into any language, opening up new markets and communication possibilities never before possible. In addition, all captions & subtitles will be able to be rendered as fully searchable transcripts in any completed language, as well as time ‘slots’ for targeted ad placement. These features can be customized based on the specific needs of Brightcove clients.


  • Repurpose video content into multiple languages quickly and cost effectively.
  • Fully integrated “one-stop” solution.
  • No need to download or to purchase any additional software.
  • No additional development or downloads needed after initial integration.
  • With proper permissioning, videos in multiple languages can be viewed over any video enabled device.


  • Any video, once translated, is viewable anywhere in the world, via the internet, in any language.
  • Secure permissioning features are easy to use and easy to set, allowing adherence to copyright.
  • Downloadable transcriptions are available in any language with time codes.
  • All videos are downloadable/uploadable as these standard subtitling formats - .srt, .stl , .tt or .ass files.
  • All videos may be downloadable as mp4 files with specific language subtitles burned in for emailing, RSS feeds and further web or non-web viewing and distribution.
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