Conviva helps media companies and carriers increase revenue and improve their relationship with viewers by boosting minutes watched and providing real-time, per-user performance information that results in more profitable video businesses.

Conviva's solutions optimize live and on-demand video streams, providing a personalized HD viewing experience for each and every viewer. Preemptive and automated dynamic bit-rate adjustment and source switching across multiple content delivery networks empowers content owners to maximize the performance of their video while maintaining and protecting viewer, brand, and business relationships.

Online audiences want to watch content as it was meant to be seen... without buffering and at the highest definition possible. When streaming quality is high, viewers watch more than twice as long, but unfortunately this does not happen all the time causing publishers a significant loss in revenues and audience viewing time. Even 1% of buffering results in a loss of almost 4 minutes of viewing time, while higher definition streams show 50% longer engagement.

Conviva is all about improving viewing experience automatically while providing publishers with real-time data to constantly tune all aspects of their video business for optimum quality and profitability.

Imagine knowing what every single viewer is experiencing each second they watch your content. Now imagine a solution that preemptively adjusts each stream to BOTH raise the picture quality AND prevent interruptions like buffering and choppiness. These are the core capabilities of Conviva; Stream optimization (Precision Video) and real-time viewer Analytics (Insights).

Protect each and every viewer. By focusing on each individual viewer's experience and taking unique action to protect the quality of every stream, online video can be even more profitable.

Maximize your digital media investment. Conviva provides content owners actionable data to make the most profitable business decisions and takes preemptive action to provide a high-quality, buffer-free experience that makes a profitable digital media strategy.

Our integration process adds the Conviva libraries to the customer's player in order to capture metrics and improve playback.

Pricing depends on a variety of factors. Please reach out to our sales team.

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