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cielo24 works with clients worldwide to provide quality video intelligence, captions, transcripts and data solutions. cielo24 technology powers video discovery, engagement, reach and compliance to help media creators and educators maximize video investment through innovative technology.

cielo24 video solutions are seamlessly integrated with Brightcove. You simply tag your videos in your Brightcove account to allow cielo24 to caption them. After your captions have been processed, your video asset will be tagged as complete in your Brightcove account. You can choose from multiple tagging options and a variety of captions formats including foreign languages.

cielo24 offers the industry's highest quality cost-effective captions and transcripts. We provide services to address challenging media needs including: poor audio quality, multiple speakers, simultaneously talking, technical content, accented speakers and more.


  • Accessibility: cielo24 captions and transcripts make your media content accessible when you order 99% compliance captions.
  • Cost: cielo24 offers the most competitive pricing of full service captioning providers.
  • Quality: We offer various levels of caption and transcription quality based on your business needs. This includes compliance-ready captions at 99% accuracy.
  • Engagement: Captions increase the amount of time the user spends watching a video:
    • Facebook reported 12% increase in video view time for captioned video.
    • Captions capture user attention in mute-video environments, like social media or on mobile devices.
    • Students using captions garner a 1pt. GPA increase.
  • Search and Discoverability: Viewers can search within a transcript or across an entire video library.
  • Boost Video SEO: Optimising your transcripts can mean valuable SEO benefits! Search engines will be able to read your video transcript instead of just basic video metadata such as title and tags.
  • Translation: High quality translation extends comprehension and learning and expands your global reach.


To set up your Brightcove integration, we need two things to get you started:

  1. A sample video link.
    • To get the video link, go to the 'Menu' and select the 'Media Module.'
    • Go to your video and click 'Publish'(Make sure the player is labeled Brightcove Default Player.)
    • Copy the link in the pop-up below the "Preview in browser" label and email the link to cielo24 as show in the image below
  2. Your tag-based integration. cielo24 supports a simple tag-based integration to make Brightcove captioning easier than ever!
    • Tag your videos using one of the tags below:
      • Caption48 (English, 48 hour TAT, Professional 99% accuracy)
      • Caption24 (English, 24 hour TAT, Professional 99% accuracy)

Within 2 business days, we will process your account and email with the following:

  • Confirmation that your Brightcove integration is complete
  • cielo24 username and password (can be used to access your cielo24 Portfolio*)
  • Instructions on how to order captions
  • Please talk to your cielo24 representative to get your Integration configured today!
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