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Streaming Insights: Finding Growth in Entertainment Streaming

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Asia Pacific is home to an estimated 400 million OTT users. Despite the slowing rate of streaming growth in North America and Europe, Asia Pacific is seeing opportunities with revenues forecast to reach $52 billion in 2027; up by 62% from 2021, according to Digital TV Research report.

Global streaming players are setting their sights on expanding their presence across Asia Pacific. However, experts caution that Asia Pacific is not homogenous and there is a need to tailor strategies for consumer preferences across unique markets in the region for sustained growth.

Watch ‘Streaming Insights: Finding Growth in Entertainment Streaming’ now as we explore growth opportunities and solutions to strengthen acquisition and retain existing users.


Stephen Tracy

Milieu Insight

Stephen Tracy is a consummate educator whose hunger to learn and share his knowledge has defined his career. A passionate thought leader and teacher, Stephen's published works go well beyond op-eds, with peer-reviewed research and a comprehensive data-analytics and research blog, known as Analythical.

He has also published a number of best selling courses on Udemy which have amassed more than 10,000 students. After 7 years of leading data and research teams at a number of global agencies, including Publicis and McCann, Stephen opted to join the startup world in 2018 where he is currently serving as COO at a fast-growing consumer analytics firm known as Milieu Insight.

Joe Nguyen


Joe Nguyen is a consultant for AVIA - working with the Premium Video Advertising Committee - and also the Managing Director of VieON, a major OTT platform in Vietnam. He has been actively working to help the media industry move forward as technology and consumer behaviour evolves. He served as Chair of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Southeast Asia - India and also currently on the Advisory Board of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). His roles have spanned from Chief Operating Officer to Chief Technical Officer to leading Sales & Marketing. Until recently, Joe was the Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at comScore, Inc. Joe has over 20 years of senior management experience in Asia Pacific media, measurement, analytics and eCommerce.

Julia Laukemaan

Director, Product

An experienced media and subscription business executive with key track record in developing and launching Pay-TV and digital streaming products, Julia leads Astro’s Product team, ensuring an integrated product portfolio view, consolidated go-to-market and in life performance of all Astro products (accessible through set-top box platforms including Astro’s premium Ultra Box as well as Ulti Box, Astro GO and Astro’s multiroom services), NJOI and the standalone streaming service, sooka as well as Astro Fibre.

Greg Armshaw

Senior Director Strategy

Greg Armshaw is Senior Director of Strategy at Brightcove with more than 20 years of experience in the media and digital marketing industry. At Brightcove, Greg helped build its dominant position as the number one choice for delivering and monetising live and VOD streaming for Free-to-air TV, Pay TV Content Owners and Sports Content Owners.

Marty Roberts

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy and Marketing

Marty Roberts is the Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing for Brightcove, the global leader of video for business. Prior to joining Brightcove, Marty was the CEO and Co-founder of Wicket Labs, a leading audience insights platform accelerating growth for over 2,000 media and entertainment companies. Being a technology entrepreneur and driven by success, Marty's focus is on advancing the media industry through data-driven, actionable insights.

Before Wicket Labs, he served as co-CEO of thePlatform, a subsidiary of Comcast, and a leading video management company for major media and entertainment companies. Marty spent nine years at thePlatform, in various roles of increasing responsibility, including Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He also previously held marketing and product leadership roles at Giftcertificates.com and RealNetworks.

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