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Selling with Video in 2022 - Video Across the Customer Journey

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Video is a key strategic component to stay competitive in the business world and now, more than ever, that's true for sales and marketing teams. Learn how to use video to shorten your sales cycles, increase your response rates, and hit targets more consistently.

This webinar is perfect if you:

  • are looking to crack the code for compelling sales videos
  • focused on an ABM/ABS strategy and want to stand out from your competition
  • see the need for video as part of your strategy and want to learn from experts in enterprise business development
  • want to know why video is such a big deal


Chad Lakin

VP North America

Chad Lakin is the vice president of North America for Shootsta, one of the world's fastest-growing startups. He has many years of expertise in design, digital media and strategy. Since joining Shootsta in 2015, Lakin's overarching leadership, strategy and wicked charm have consequently propelled the growth of the business to astronomical lengths. He's heading up the company's U.S. office to help bring the power of storytelling through video to more brand managers and people around the globe.

Dana Córdova

Director of Americas Field Marketing

Dana Córdova is a marketing leader with a track record for creating multi-channel marketing strategies that drive brand awareness and meet revenue targets. She's experienced in all aspects of marketing and branding, with expertise in go-to-market strategy, demand generation, and digital programs.

As the Head of Marketing for the Brightcove Americas region she's responsible for the strategy, planning, and execution of all marketing programs focused on pipeline growth and customer acquisition for the region.

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