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GDS CMO Insight Summit 2024

Apr 15, 7:00pm - Apr 16, 9:30pm GMTNoordwijk, NetherlandsBack to All Events


Balancing Innovation and Privacy

Time: 3:00PM - 4:00PM (CEST)

Explore the ethical considerations at the intersection of data and marketing, including the challenges and responsibilities that come with leveraging consumer data for personalised marketing strategies.

This roundtable provides a space for marketing leaders to share insights into ethical data practices, examining the delicate balance between delivering tailored experiences and respecting user privacy. Delve into topics such as consent, data security, and the evolving regulatory landscape, exchanging perspectives on navigating these complex issues.

Whether you're working to establish responsible data governance or seeking innovative ways to personalise customer experiences without compromising privacy, this session offers a valuable opportunity for meaningful discussion and shared learning.


Justin Barrett

Senior Vice President, Sales, International

Justin Barrett leads the EMEA sales team in his role as SVP for Brightcove and is responsible for ensuring the business is best positioned to help organisations scale and improve their digital experience through video.

Justin has an extensive background in eCommerce and customer experience, having performed a variety of roles during his career at the likes of and most recently as Head of UK Operations at

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