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Brightcove Turns On Broadcast-Quality Internet TV

Brightcove Press Release

The new Brightcove Show service uses the BitTorrent DNA technology to accelerate the delivery of broadcast-quality streaming video from Brightcove content publishers.

Cambridge, MA - October 9, 2007 - Brightcove Inc. today announced a new service for delivering broadcast-quality Internet TV. Extending their widely adopted Internet TV platform, the new service, Brightcove Show, will give content publishers the ability to deliver instant-on, broadcast-quality streaming video to their viewers.

Brightcove Show takes advantage of new advances in the Adobe Flash Player technology, high-quality video encoding, and content delivery acceleration technology from BitTorrent, to enable full-screen video playback of broadcast-quality content streamed through the Internet.

"In the last two years, Internet TV has transformed the Web by bringing the storytelling power of video directly into sites, but contextual and viral video clips are only the beginning," said Jeremy Allaire, chairman and chief executive officer of Brightcove. "Now the industry is ready for the next major leap in the evolution of Internet TV, and that's gracefully extending from short video clips on sites into full-length programs and movies delivered via the Internet to PCs."

Unlike other broadcast-quality Internet video services, Brightcove Show lets content publishers deliver high-quality, full-length video through their own websites without having to give up their direct relationship with their viewers or participate in an aggregated service or player.

"Top quality video is key to our online strategy and Brightcove Show allows us to seamlessly serve broadcast-quality, full-screen videos on our website," said John Dokes, Marvel vice president, online operations and marketing, "Fans can now access theater-mode experiences for selected content on our site, such as the Iron Man movie trailer, which really comes to life in this new format. Brightcove is an ideal partner for us as we continue to expand on the broad array of content on"

Brightcove Show leverages the new BitTorrent Delivery Network Accelerator (DNA) content delivery service announced today by BitTorrent Inc. Brightcove will be using BitTorrent DNA in conjunction with the Limelight content delivery network to ensure a high-quality experience for consumers According to the company they will be adding other new delivery technologies into the Brightcove Show service over time.

"The combination of Brightcove Show with BitTorrent DNA will let content owners stream direct-to-consumer video programming in a full-screen, broadcast-quality format with profound economic efficiencies and a dramatically better user experience," said Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent, Inc. "Brightcove is a clear innovator in Internet TV defining the next generation of online video. Our partnership provides media companies an end-to-end solution, leveraging Brightcove's comprehensive platform and the power of BitTorrent DNA."

The new service promises to offer new monetization opportunities for content publishers with players that support new conventions for incorporating sponsorship messages, mid-roll video and interactive advertising into the long-form video and full-screen viewing experience.

Brightcove Show is available now through a pilot program to selected customers. The company said they plan to launch the product for general availability in 2008.

About Brightcove
Brightcove is an Internet TV service that empowers video producers and programmers to build broadband businesses while giving viewers more choices and control over their use of video and television. Founded by Internet pioneer Jeremy Allaire in 2004 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Brightcove is the market-leading Internet video partner for international news and entertainment businesses, including British Sky Broadcasting, CBS Corporation, Discovery Communications Inc., Dow Jones & Company, Inc., Fox Entertainment Group, MTV Networks, National Geographic, The New York Times Company, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Time, Inc., Time Life, Warner Music Group, and Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive.

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