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911 centers are adopting livestream video to improve safety

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A growing number of 911 centers across the country are utilizing livestream video to enhance public safety. First responders say they expect it to be revolutionary in the coming years. 911 Communications Manager Brad Riggin at the Boulder Police Department in Colorado explains how it works.

"If somebody calls 911, the dispatcher will ask them, 'Hey, can we send you a link? We want to get some photo or video to help our response,'" Riggin said. "The caller will then get a link. Once they click that, they'll be asked to allow access to their camera. And then once they do that, we have live video and photo in the center." Riggin says the ability to livestream video will be a game-changer in many situations.

"Any call or incident with a suspect, this is really helpful to see exactly what that suspect looks like," Riggin said. "A lot of that can be lost in translation with the caller who's kind of under stress. And then also, on the fire side — structure fires and wildfires — we can really see just how bad that fire is, make sure we're getting the right resources to that. We can also use it for injuries or CPR. If somebody needs help walking through CPR, this is an extra tool to help them to see if they're doing it correctly."

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