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Video Marketing Across the Customer Journey


As our Video Across the Customer Journey series concludes, our Video Marketing Mentors series returns. We’ve culled advice from some of the top video professionals in the industry about how they use video. Not surprising, following the customer journey is central to this process.

Driving Brand Awareness with Video

Bill Marriot: We use video to help humanize our software but we do that in many different ways. And our job as the people who own video and new media, we are responsible for targeting that path and having the right type of video for every stage along that customer journey.

“We are responsible for... having the right type of video for every stage along that customer journey.” Bill Marriot, SAS

Emma Cheetham: So at the top of the funnel, we may be doing a brand awareness piece. We may be doing a product launch and putting teasers out about products that are new to market, new features, new technology.

Holden Comeau: Video is really a natural fit when we're thinking about what really is happening around an endurance sporting event. The event is really an experience. They're trying to create an entertaining experience. They're trying to really connect.

Techniques to Solicit Video Engagement

Neil Rice: Look, when we build these video assets we are going to create a long-tail description that is value-prop, like it's an article, but it's really more an extended post. And so what it does is it allows from, an engagement standpoint, I don't have to hit play yet because some audiences are a little shy of hitting the play button. So you give them this very valued description, which only can be garnered from writers, and then they can go, "Oh, I want to watch this."

“Some audiences are a little shy of hitting the play button. So you give them this very valued description…” Neil Rice, TN Marketing

Emma Cheetham: So we also have video content on a lot of our propositions, so how the delivery will work, how a manufacturer warranty works, things like if you are ordering a huge appliance like a big American fridge/freezer, we will provide a piece of video content about what to consider regarding the delivery.

Conversion is More than Clicks, Learning from Video Analytics

Kyle Morton: Once we understand the goal what we really try to do is get people to not think about video anymore and say, "If that content that was in the video was a microsite or a web page what would you do to track it? What would you do to try to convert somebody or try to get feedback from them?"

Neil Rice: Somebody came, they went to that particular page, that particular URL result, what did they do? Did they leave the site on average – too fast? Did they not click through to other pages? Was the bounce rate high? If all three were bad then you have to fix that.

Emma Cheetham: So we now chunk the content down into 60-second animations or shorter. And we're noticing that the people are engaging up to 85 percent through that video, as opposed to a lot lower on the longer chunks. And also, customers that are consuming a one-minute piece of video are converting up to ten percent higher than ones that have viewed the longer pieces.

“Customers that are consuming a 1 minute video are converting up to 10% higher than ones that have viewed the longer pieces.” -Emma Cheetham, AO

Building Retention and Advocacy with Personalized Video

Emma Cheetham: We also use sections of video as part of the CRM program as well, so right the way into and through the journey. If you have just bought an electrical good from us, we will follow up with an e-mail saying, “hey, were you aware that this appliance offers this feature?” And make sure that we're still continuing to look after the customer, even after they purchased.

Holden Comeau: When they see an immersive video gallery experience with all this great content, they get a sense of what the experience of that event is all about. That really goes a long way in attracting new customers and retaining existing customers.

Bill Marriot: There's a growing audience of people who really want to understand how your product touches their life… If you don't engage them, if you don't capture their heart and soul, and if they don’t care about your company you never get to really sell them the product.

“...if they don’t care about your company you never get to really sell them the product.” -Bill Marriot, SAS

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