A Sneak Peek of the New Brightcove Live Streaming Platform

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We just launched the new Brightcove Live streaming solution and couldn’t be more excited to share the details. We caught up with Ryan Struhl, Senior Software Engineer, to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Brightcove Live can help you build engaging live event experiences for internal or external audiences.

Q. Ryan, how were you involved in the recent release of the Brightcove Live streaming platform?

I am the Engineering Product Owner for the front end of Brightcove Live. For readers outside the Brightcove walls, this means I am in charge of creating the user interface of our live platform. I did a lot of the initial architecture and building out of the internal business logic for the new interface.

There was a total of four dedicated engineers that worked on the project and I managed all of the work being done. I have to say, the amount of work this team was able to accomplish is amazing.

Q. What’s your team’s superpower?

Super Speed. My team is a set of unbelievably talented engineers that are killing it! They can turn around features in a short amount of time and are just unbelievably cool to work with. It would be pretty amazing to have laser vision, but not sure how useful it would be.

Q. What features are you the most excited about with this Live release?

I may be biased because I built it, but I think the clipping functionality of the Brightcove Live streaming solution is super cool. I have to give a huge shout out to our UX designers for helping design a tool that is intuitive to use.

Q. Can you tell us what the new live clipping tool does?

Of course. Let’s say 30-seconds ago something exciting happened during the live stream. I can go into the clipping interface and create a clip of what happened, save the clip as an on-demand asset and share to my social channels while the event is still happening.

Q. That sounds awesome. What do you hope our customers get out of it?

I hope our customers find it easy to run live streams and generate more content for their audience. The new interface makes it easy to create videos on the fly, saving a ton of time. We put a lot of work into creating an easy user experience for a product that is often seen as complex and complicated. To me, that is the most important thing. You can talk all day about how clips can help promote your event content, but if it isn’t easy to use, no one is going to do it.

Q. Ok, so now that the latest release is available, what is next for Live?

There are a lot of exciting things already in the works for Brightcove Live streaming, but one thing I am really passionate about delivering this year is even more enhanced analytics. We will have more on that coming very soon.