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By Kellie Borrero

Product Manager at Brightcove

New Video Cloud Studio: Now with Folders!

Brightcove News

“Folders!! Yay!!”

“Oh gosh yes, you’ve got folders! That is huge!”

“Look at that!  Folders!! Oh that is magical, you have no idea!”

“Folders are awesome! This is absolutely fantastic”

These were just a few of the reactions from usability testers when we put the new folders feature in front of them during the new Video Cloud’s prototyping and pre-release phases. Now that the new Video Cloud is available to all of our customers, we can’t wait for everyone to take advantage of this great new feature in the Media Module - folders could not be any easier to set up. Simply go to the Media Module and click “create folder” in the sidebar, then give your folder a name, and start adding videos. You can select any number of videos from the video list view and click the “Add to folder” button. You can also click into a single video and add it directly to a folder using the “Add to folder” button on that page.

We’ve already seen lots of different ways that customers are using the folder feature. For example, customers have set up folders based on the language of their videos (folder names include DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, etc). Others have set up “team folders,” so that different departments can browse through their own content inside of the folder within the Media Module. I’ve also seen customers who have set up folders based on the type of video (e.g., live events, webinars, updates, pre-rolls, etc.) and some specific internal category folders for videos based on where they will be published or the subject of the video. We can’t wait to hear about other ways you may choose to use them within your own account.

In the legacy Studio, many customers organized videos in the Media Module using playlists. While it is a great way to organize content to make it is easy to find, there are limitations such as a 100 video maximum on playlists. With the new folder feature, you can now strictly separate content organization in the Media Module using folders from grouping related videos together to publish to playlist players on your site using playlists. There are no limits on the number of videos you can add to a folder, and they are easily accessed from the side bar navigation in the Media Module. Once a video is added to a folder, you can also see exactly which folder it was added to by clicking into the video details page.

Our own Bob Bailey, a Learning Specialist at Brightcove, has been using folders in our training videos account, and loves how easy it is to find the videos he worked on. You can see how he’s started using folders in his  account in the screenshot below.

We have additional features on our roadmap related to folders including the ability to add a video to a folder right from the upload module as well as additional drag-and-drop support in the media module to drag videos into folders from the video list view. This is one more exciting new feature that I hope many of our customers will take advantage of in the new Video Cloud.

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