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By Chris Little

at Brightcove


New Video Cloud Live Feature - Trimming

Brightcove News

We are excited to unveil a commonly requested feature for Video Cloud Live today - Trimming!

In most cases, when you finish streaming a live event you will have some unwanted "dead air" in the recording at the beginning and end which requires some editing work from your production team. In an effort to remove this time-consuming step from your workflow, we have launched a new trimming feature to the Video Cloud Live module. Once your live event has ended and the recording is ready to be saved to your Video Cloud Media module, simply click the "Trim & Save" button on the event page within Video Cloud Live and you will be able to modify the start and end of the recording by dragging and dropping the cue points. The edited video can then be saved for on-demand playback in your Video Cloud player of choice!

Check out the short video demo of this new feature below and sign up for a free trial of Video Cloud Live.


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