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By James Hamar

Video Production Manager at Brightcove

How to Shoot Quality Video Content Using Your iPhone


Here at Brightcove we have a variety of video equipment in our toolbox. But for those who don’t have access to video equipment like this, or want to supplement their studio shoots with quick, on-the-go content creation, there’s a video production tool that is likely already at your disposal: your iPhone.

The Brightcove Video Team is here to give you some helpful tips when shooting with your smartphone.

Location, Location, Location

First things first - locate the most ideal spot you have on hand for your shoot. There are key things you should look for when scouting your location:

  1. Find a somewhat quiet space, and preferably carpeted to further minimize noise.

  2. Position yourself in front of a window to use as much natural sunlight as possible. You know, so we can see you!

  3. Try keeping the background somewhat simple, and limit foot traffic/clutter behind the person speaking.

Camera Setup

You’ve identified the ideal spot to shoot. Next, it’s time to set up you shot. Here’s what you should focus on for camera setup:

  1. Attach the camera to a tripod or support on a table, to keep things steady.

  2. Move the camera closer if needed. Don’t just try to zoom in.

  3. Keep a medium frame of the person in the shot, cutting them off at the middle part of their torso.

  4. Use exposure lock. Hold your finger down on your subject until the yellow box says “AE Lock.” Your camera will focus and expose your subject for you. Drag up or down on the screen to increase/decrease the exposure level.

  5. Keep the microphone close. Either position your phone as close to the as possible, or use another phone’s voice memo feature to record audio separately. Then, combine the two files in editing.

On-Screen Tips

It’s time to shoot! Here are a few key tips for the on-screen talent:

  1. Always shoot a few takes, even if you think you got it on the first try.

  2. Practice reading what you are going to say out loud a few times to get comfortable.

  3. Talk with a smile. Being excited about what you are trying to convey is the best way to capture the audience.

With these tips and tricks in mind you’re set to create some great video content with your iPhone. These tips are also handy to share as a guide if you are looking to activate your workforce to create more employee generated content throughout your organization.

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