Brightcove PLAY2018 - All The Way From Asia

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Powerful, international and relevant. These are the words that encapsulated PLAY2018 for our Asia customers, and I couldn’t be more happy to hear how valuable our customers and partners in Asia have found the event. Asia remains an interesting and unique region, one that has emerged in the Internet age as a mobile-centric market. In fact, most parts of Asia leap-frogged desktop, heading straight to mobile, and for many consumers, their first experience in a connected world was via the screen of their mobile device. Given Asia’s scale of four billion in population, the potential to attract niche audiences bigger than whole markets in other countries is an incredible opportunity. The region continues to remain an exciting market for OTT, and PLAY2018 rose to the occasion, in providing great global insights and learning for our Asia customers to tap into. Here are some sound-bytes from our customers on their take of PLAY2018:

“It's a long trip from Asia, but it so worth it! The industry continues to change quickly, and no event has this many people represented in a variety of industries and verticals, all with a similar passion, goal, and interest in video. The best part is, you can learn, discuss and share with your peers in a very easy, natural and informal way at PLAY.” - Hans Chang, Manager, IP Systems, Taiwan

“The group of people at PLAY were some of the top marketers, publishers, and broadcasters in the world and it was indeed an incredible experience. The networking alone was worth the trip. The contacts I met at PLAY have already been paying off for our business. Brightcove PLAY gave me insight into the future of video and where our company needs to be, to compete in that space. I want to thank the Brightcove team for a fantastic experience. Looking forward to the 2019 conference.” - Kris Cooper, Business Development Manager, RugbyPass, Singapore

"My first ever experience at Brightcove PLAY was simply wonderful. Two days of great meetings, got a preview of Brightcove’s suite of cutting edge products and partnerships, and most of all their wonderful team. As they say, people do business with people they like. I met so many Brightcove customers who have been with them for eight years or more, and it is a testament to their customer-centric attitude. It was also an opportunity to meet other players in the streaming and OTT ecosystem. I would highly recommend this event to anyone in this space. - Shampa Banerjee, PhD., Chief Product Officer, Eros Digital (Eros International), India

PLAY2018 was truly an effervescent event with quality time spent with our customers and partners. It was a powerful platform for us to share opinions, deep dive into ideas and explore ways to improve our collective business, all centred around online video. Amongst other numerous positives, it was incredibly exciting to see customer Batka Gankhuyag, vice president of Mongol TV on stage, share their amazing success story on how they launched their OTT service, ORI TV. Partnering with Mongol TV to launch the country’s first OTT service has been an equally amazing journey, and we are proud of how much they have achieved in just half a year. PLAY continues to shine as a way to learn about all things video, and I look forward to welcoming all our Asia customers to Boston next year for PLAY2019. See you there!


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