Brightcove to Offer Customers Video Personalization from IRIS.TV


Fully realizing the potential value of online video is challenging, especially for ad supported businesses.  The quality of the experience, the duration of the viewing sessions, the number of videos viewed, etc. -- they all must be monitored and measured.  Any improvements in these areas can translate directly to ad inventory and revenue.

At Brightcove we’re always looking to give our customers an edge in delivering a great user experience and in driving consumption of more of the video library they’ve invested in creating or licensing.  It’s how they earn viewer loyalty and generate ad inventory.

Providing valuable content recommendations and discovery services is part of our focus and as libraries grow and viewing options proliferate, it’s becoming an increasingly critical part of the user experience.  Netflix’s Chief Product Officer has said that the company spends $150MM a year on content recommendations - in other words, doing it right requires sophistication and focus.

A company that has this focus and that we have gotten to know and witness delivering value for Brightcove customers is IRIS.TV.  Brightcove is a platform designed to enable customers to easily adopt third party value-added solutions from an ecosystem of rich offerings.  Our POV is to identify best of breed partners whose core competencies are deep in certain domain areas and go deeper.  This has led us to the decision to partner more closely and we’re pleased to announce that Brightcove customers may now license IRIS.TV’s Adaptive Stream™ technology directly from Brightcove.

This is what Adaptive Stream™ commonly looks like in action:

I’ll be quick to add that the algorithm that powers the suggested “UpNext” videos in Adaptive Stream™ can be also be utilized on a standalone basis to recommend thumbnails like we’re accustomed to seeing in a Netflix-style long form-focused service.  Examples of this implementation in action include the TVE/catch-up sites of leading cable networks.

A Data-backed Decision.  We decided to resell IRIS.TV based on actual performance data.  The company has a few metrics that they use to determine the success of the implementation of the IRIS.TV technology.

  • Video Lift™ refers to the number of recommended video views that a publisher gets for each video start they earned on their own.  In one recent instance, over a 40 month span and on a base of 40MM streams, IRIS.TV’s learning algorithm increased Video Lift™ from 22% to 39%.
  • Bounce rate is the measure of viewers exiting the viewing experience prior to completion of the initial clicked video. For this customer, mobile bounce rates dropped by almost 10%
  • The optional “thumbs up/down” interactive functionality that pubs may choose to make available when using Adaptive Stream has its own benefits.  In 2016 so far, IRIS.TV clients that have the skip forward and back buttons, on average experienced 300% increases in Video Lift™, 50% increase in views per click and a 20% decrease in bounce rate.
  • IRIS.TV customers, on average, see an increase in video views per month of 54% within 1 month of implementation.  

IRIS.TV utilizes adaptive machine learning to programmatically deliver personalized streams of content to each viewer based on video asset similarity, viewer behavior, and audience segmentation. The real-time API is integrated with Brightcove and supports streaming across web, mobile, and supported SDKs.

Rob, Richie, Field, Rohan and the rest of the IRIS.TV team have put in significant time to understand Brightcove’s media customers and what they’re trying to achieve.  They’ve been laser focused on personalizing video to lift engagement and they’ve had a strong track record of support and documentation for their technology and ensuring our customers’ success. Contact your Brightcove account manager to learn how this exciting video personalization solution can drive results for you.