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By Kristof Van Tomme

CEO at Brightcove

Using Brightcove Video in the Drupal CMS


When Drupal 8 was released at the end of 2015, after five years of development, it was an important event for many media companies and enterprise publishers. Six months after the longest ever development cycle, the announcement of Drupal 8.1 marks the start of a much-needed acceleration in the release schedule for Drupal core. Web technologies have been changing at an ever increasing pace, with new paradigms that gain traction in months rather than years - with the new release schedule, we will never need to wait this long again. This rearchitecture provides Drupal 8 users with the perfect platform with which to pioneer of the web.

Brightcove customers who decide to move to Drupal 8 have access to the latest Brightcove integration built by Pronovix, which leverages Brightcove’s newest APIs and supports the Brightcove HTML5 first Player.

The Importance of Video in the Drupal Publishing Environment

Screenshot on Publishing a Brightcove Video to Drupal CMS

Video has become a core asset for online communication. Many CMSs however, including Drupal, have relied on specialist third party integrations like Brightcove to provide the great video experiences visitors expect. Unfortunately, this resulted in a fragmented authoring experience for producers: an author first needed to upload their videos outside of the CMS and then reference it into their publications.

Already we’re seeing an influx of interest from companies that are relying on our work to accelerate their Drupal 8 video initiatives. Drupal developers know that only a few of the many Drupal connectors have a sustainable model for development, support, and maintenance. Brightcove and Pronovix have partnered to ensure we can match the need for enterprise video in the Drupal community.

Enterprise Video Solutions for the Drupal CMS

Uploading a Brightcove Video to Drupal CMS

Scheduling the Drupal Video Upload Watch Times

The Drupal 8 Brightcove module allows video publishing to be integrated into the authoring workflow. Drupal publishers can choose to let web producers do their own video management instead of it being a specialized function.

Brightcove recognizes that every publisher has a unique workflow. Some level of customization and configuration is almost always required to adjust to existing processes and to map metadata between systems. By working with Drupal developers and by engaging the open source community, Brightcove ensures that the core functionality of the module is continuously extended.

What if you’re still on Drupal 6? Since Drupal 6 is no longer supported, site owners need to upgrade. The release of Drupal 8 at the end of 2015, had a major impact on many media companies and enterprise publishers. On the plus side, the new release meant that Drupal publishers could now leverage Drupal 8 to modernise their websites. Drupal 8 comes with a number of improvements for enterprise websites such as an enhanced editorial experience, administrator experience, and overall accessibility.

Adding a Video Playlist to Drupal CMS

The Brightcove Video Module Makes Drupal 8 a No-Brainer

We have gone to great lengths to make Brightcove and Drupal 8 the obvious choice for enterprise publishers. Integrated video publishing workflows will result in cost savings, a faster turnaround, and improved authoring experiences. Default use of Brightcove’s HTML5 first Player makes it easier to cater to mobile audiences, while giving them the best possible streaming experiences.

Drupal developers know that only a few of the many third party integration modules on have a sustainable model for development, support, and maintenance. Brightcove’s connector is one of them.

At Pronovix we provide support for Brightcove’s module. We regularly review and commit patches, and if something doesn’t work, there are people with deep Drupal knowledge that can help you solve your problems. Pronovix and Brightcove are proud to match the need for enterprise video in the Drupal community with a solution that combines the SaaS and the open source worlds. The result is a toolset that gives publishers the ability to own their auditorial experience and customise their authoring workflows while leveraging a world-class turn-key video solution that deals with all the complexities involved in great video hosting.

Kristof Van Tomme will be presenting at Drupalcon New Orleans on Brightcove's plugin and other API integrations, during the session, API integration modules: Drupal Contrib’s Commercial Horizon, Thursday, May 12th at 2:15 PM. Meet Kristof at the Media Summit on Monday, May 9th or email to set up a meeting during the event.

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