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An unmatched viewer experience at any scale.

Our industry-leading livestreaming solution lets you deliver flawless video at any scale, from niche trade shows to global sporting events and CEO-led town halls. Whether your viewers are at home, at work, or somewhere in between, they won’t miss an announcement, goal, or cheer thanks to our industry-best 99.99% uptime. (But just in case, our Cloud DVR feature puts instant replays at their fingertips.)

One science museum made the whole planet say, “Wow!” Learn more in How the Exploratorium Livestreamed Amazing Learning Experiences to the World.

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Livestreaming drives revenue as well as engagement.

Combine live video and ad-supported content into one continuous stream and foil ad blockers with server-side ad insertion. Suddenly, your video stream is a revenue stream too.

Thinking of adding a streaming platform to your marketing toolkit? Read Investing in ROI-Driven Video Marketing Solutions first.

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Grab your audience’s attention — and hold it.

Whether your viewers are internal or external, there’s something about livestreaming that takes audience interest to the next level. Add in some interactive features and the ability to stream live to social channels, and you have one powerful engagement engine.

Livestreaming makes all the world a stage for performing arts organizations. Find out How the Sydney Symphony Used Video to Make the World Their Concert Hall.

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Livestreaming with Brightcove creates excitement. Not anxiety.

We get it. Livestreaming can feel a bit like being out on a tightrope without a net. So rest assured that with 16 completely secure global data centers handling 500 million videos a week with 99.99% uptime, we’ve got you covered. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your video.

Want a little extra peace of mind? Read what makes Brightcove a global leader in video reliability and security.

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Real insights in real time.

Brightcove Live gives you insight into your audience right while your event is happening, including how many viewers you have at any given moment. When your event is over, you can generate a full report that provides aggregated data about viewer stream times, geography, devices used, and channel performance.

Want to learn more about your audience? Learn more about Brightcove Live Analytics.

So many ways to use Live.

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“In recent years, we’ve focused our efforts on finding new ways to increase customer choices and effortlessly give customers access to our content. Previously, Main Event content like this has only been available to Foxtel customers. But with the dedicated online experience, anyone can sign up, buy a ticket and immediately watch the fight, with no ongoing subscription required.”

Ed Follows

Director of Product Technology Development

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“We use Brightcove to publish our video online to millions of users simultaneously and to provide access points from our website, our mobile app, and through sharing embedded streams on other websites.”

Rob Rothfarb

Online Project Director

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“Our livestreams are a unique and exciting way to support parents, students, and teachers with additional resources to help with learning from home.”

Mark Scott

Secretary of the New South Wales Department of Education

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Features and benefits

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A flawless viewer experience

Live redundancy prevents downtime for uninterrupted viewing.

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Stream live to social

Direct-to-social streaming delivers video right where your audience is.

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Easily turn live content into on-demand video

Integrated workflows allow your event to live on long after it’s over.

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Integrate with popular ad servers and networks

Bypass ad blockers and drive revenue with server-side ad insertion.

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Instant replay with Cloud DVR

Let your audience pause, play, and rewind your livestream with a single click.

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The security premium content needs

DRM-encrypted livestreaming protects your content and your revenue.

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Un líder en vídeo dirigido a las empresas

Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video 2022 comparó 14 plataformas de vídeo y seleccionó a Brightcove como líder por nuestra estrategia de producto y su rendimiento. Para obtener más información sobre Brightcove junto con otras opciones de vídeo empresarial, consulte el informe completo.

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