W.S.C Sports Technologies

W.S.C Sports helps broadcasters and media rights owners to engage fans and monetize their digital sports rights. An automatic video generation platform empowers digital video production, as well as generates customized and personalized videos according to fans' preferences and publisher's editorial content. Media rights owners create new revenue streams from their video assets with increased inventory, number of video views and fan engagement.

'CliPRO' is an online platform that enables the digital production team to edit videos in real-time from live broadcast and instantly publish to Brightcove's online video platform, directly to social media, or seamlessly push it to any other online video platform, apps, or websites.

The technology automatically identifies events in sports competitions and categorizes them with metadata, allowing an easier, faster and more flexible access to digital sports video content. This is valuable for a more effective digital video production process, fan facing applications and editorial content.

Our editorial tool automatically generates and suggests to reporters and editors the most relevant custom-made videos which they can easily and instantly embed in any article, report, stat sheet or storyline. For example, if the article talks about a 3-pointer by Kobe Bryant, the tool immediately generates a video roll of all the 3-pointers Kobe made in the last game / last month / ever, which the editor can immediately embed in the article.

The result is an increase in video views, video inventory and fan engagement, creating new digital revenue streams.


  • Seamless and immediate upload of videos to Brightcove's online video platform.
  • Extend your in video inventory.
  • New source of revenues.
  • Fast turn-around.
  • Increase in viewer engagement.
  • Tweet videos from live broadcast.
  • Increased number of video views.
  • Instant real-time video creation and publishing to digital media using Brightcove.
  • Easy management of video content from CliPRO using Brightcove.

In order to integrate CliPRO with Brightcove we require:

  • Brightcove's Publisher ID of the customer's Video Cloud account
  • 'Read' Token (with URL access)
  • 'Write' Token

For publishing directly to social media we require:

  • Player ID
  • Player Key

For customization of players - we require a user access to the account.

  • Cost includes a basic set-up fee
  • A monthly license fee according to the required package with a cost per use (CPM)
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