SundaySky, the creator of SmartVideo, helps customer-centric brands engage people with personalized, real-time video experiences at every step of the customer lifecycle. The SundaySky platform generates hundreds of thousands of SmartVideos daily, powering customer acquisition, support, growth and loyalty initiatives for leaders in e-commerce, telecommunications, insurance, banking and travel. AT&T, Office Depot, Lenovo and other SundaySky customers have proven that SmartVideo viewers are more engaged, profitable and loyal, as program performance is measurable and optimized for incremental impact on key business metrics.

SmartVideo Advertising

Shift consumer interest away from competing sites by bringing consumers back with contextualized pre-roll video ads generated in real time based on key profile, historical and situational data attributes. SmartVideo ad programs have proven to address brand and performance advertising, delivering a measurable lift in brand engagement with a highly relevant audience, as well as incremental visitor, conversion and revenue impact.

SmartVideo for Onboarding Customers

Proactively educate new customers coming aboard with effective and engaging ‘welcome’ experiences that build customer trust and foster brand loyalty while deflecting related customer care costs. Success is measured by reduction in contact center calls and churn rate, as well as take rate of value-added services and increase customer satisfaction.

SmartVideo for Delivering Bills & Statements

Address the complexity of bill and statement administration with personalized videos that explain the billing statement in an easily digestible manner, ensuring the customer receives only the relevant and necessary details. The result is reduced calls and customer care costs related to bill queries, while offering a deeper level of brands engagement and improving overall customer experience.

SmartVideo for Building Loyalty

Enhance loyalty, retention and nurturing programs with personally relevant experiences that offer deeper levels of brand engagement with more targeted calls to action than mass communication tactics. Success is measured by increase in average revenue per user and customer satisfaction, ultimately boosting lifetime customer value.


  • Personalized based on the viewer’s profile, historical and situational data attributes.
  • Real-time generation when the viewer clicks play ensures only the most recent account status, pricing and deals are featured.
  • Scalable and limitless creation means cost per video is measured in pennies versus the more traditional model of thousands of dollars per video produced.
  • Measurable by a control-group methodology to illustrate incremental lift and ensure performance is continually optimized.

Cost per view, agreed upon with each customer

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